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FARSI TRANSLATION/ Farsi Translation Europe/ Farsi Translation Service Provider 

Farsi Translation and Localization Services.
United Kingdom- Farsi Translation Service Provider 

Based in London, our Translation Company provides Farsi to English and English to Farsi translations in a very short period of time for the lowest prices in UK.

Our Farsi translators, editors and proof-readers, all will years of experience, can help you translate any type of Farsi document: Farsi civil documents, Farsi court decisions, Farsi Criminal records, etc.

Farsi Translation Services offers translations of any level of difficulty, such as:

  • medical
  • legal
  • financial
  • general
  • Farsi interpreting services
  • Certification of Farsi documents by Notary, etc.

The most frequently asked documents to be translated are:

  • Farsi Birth, Marriage, Divorce certificate
  • Farsi Criminal Record
  • Farsi website
  • Farsi Power of Attorney
  • Farsi affidavit

We translate Farsi certificates on daily basis to be used at the Home Office and any other bodies in the UK and abroad. We can prepare the translation of your Farsi document with Farsi translator certification and Judiciary.

The whole procedure of translating, proofreading, certifying with Notary or Solicitor and Apostille won’t take us more than 2 days.


We can assure you to get word-perfect, accurate translation, stamped and signed by our Translation Agency.

If you do not have time or opportunity to come to our office in London, you can easily give us a call and send your document by e-mail (scan or picture). Our specialists will contact you immediately to arrange the translation.

We guarantee fast, accurate and reliable service on all our orders. Our certified Farsi translations are valid internationally as well as in the UK.

You can rely on our fast, accurate and reliable service and be sure that your certified Farsi translation is accepted all over the world.

For further information please find our contact details below:
Head Office: Dane’s Yard, Sugar House Island, Stratford, London E15

Tel.: (+49) 15212009872
Tel: 07-999-744-743
Email: oxbridge2020@gmail.com and Info@persian-translation-services.com

Academic Certificates Translation- Farsi Translation Service Provider

Our Academic Certificates Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation service processes any type of documents relating to Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian education; transcripts, Diplomas, training courses, degree certificates, masters etc. We have extensive experience in this field and translate a vast number of languages. All major European and world languages are covered, and we have notable expertise relating to Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation.

We only work with native translators to ensure natural, fluent and professional results. All completed translations pass through a rigorous quality checking process, whereby a native proof reader ensures that all details correspond 100% to the original with regard to content, terminology and style. The translations are then submitted for client approval, so the client can approve any queries regarding terminology or grade equivalents for the UK.

Birth Certificates Translation

Do you need a professional translation of your Birth Certificate? Look no further! We are experts in translation of birth certificates into English. All our translators have many years of experience in translation of birth certificates, and each specializes in their own native language translation.

Birth Certificate Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian translations are one of our most commonly requested services at Certified Translations and we offer unbeatable prices and turnaround times. Our standard prices include certification and documents are delivered within 24 hours of submission. We also provide an express service where documents are required within a few hours.

We offer Birth Certificates Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian and only work with native translators to ensure terminology is dealt with professionally ensuring perfect results. Translations are also proof read by an in-house professional to ensure customer data is correct without exception. Translations are then emailed to clients for their approval before hard copies are certified and either sent electronically or posted.

Our certificated Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian translations are valid for official and legal use in institutions such as embassies and registry offices. Certification needs may vary depending on the intended function of the birth certificate. However, we can provide guidance according to the country and authority where you hope to submit the certificate.

Death Certificates Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation

Persian-translation-services.com based in UK specialises in the Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation of vital and legal documents. One extremely important document that we are particularly adept at translating is the death certificate. Over the years, we have translated this to and from many different languages, most commonly into English. We guarantee that our translations will be accepted by the requesting authorities, no matter whom they may be.

Depending on where your death certificate was issued, we may consider it a template job. This means that we have done the job so many times in the past that we have basic templates for the most common death certificates. We simply make the necessary changes that your specific one requires. We can usually complete an order in 24 hours or less depending on complexity and prices are the cheapest ever.

Divorce Certificate Translation- Farsi Translation Service Provider 

Do you need translation of a divorce certificate? We have the expertise to help you through this difficult transition. Whether you have been divorced for a long time and are moving to this country or you have recently been divorced, our legal Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation experts are here to help you. Our legal team can even draft a divorce certificate for you if you require it.

Our Divorce Decrees Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation services provides professional Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translations of any documentation relating to divorce proceedings. Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation are dealt with in a professional manner, at highly competitive prices. All Divorce Decrees are dealt with by translators with legal translation expertise ensuring that your documentation will meet the high standards required of legally binding documents. We have experience dealing with Divorce Decrees across a wide linguistic spectrum (Persian/Farsi to English and English to Farsi/Persian Translation) Moreover, we only use native translators so clients can be assured that all documentation will be correctly translated according to rigorous style and terminology guidelines as required by Divorce proceedings.


Farsi Translation Service Provider

Farsi Translation Service Provider

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